Kettlebell Training

KETTLEBELL TRAINING​ If you want to get fitter, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been before then it’s time to reach for the right kind of kettle! Kettlebell training is a versatile and effective method of burning calories, increasing strength and muscular...

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Group Fitness

GROUP FITNESS CLASSES It can be tough working out on your own, and if you have the support and the company of friends, family or even strangers, then it’s often a lot easier to stay motivated and push yourself harder than you previously thought possible. Here at Gym...

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Corporate Group Fitness Training

CORPORATE GROUP FITNESS TRAINING If you run a successful organisation, we’re sure you know the importance of treating your staff right and keeping morale high. A happy workplace is a more productive workplace, after all. Investing in the well-being and happiness of...

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Cardiac & Injury Rehabilitation

CARDIAC & INJURY REHABILITATION Hiring a dedicated personal trainer from Gym To You isn’t just for losing weight or getting those abs you’ve always wanted (although this can also be achieved); it’s also important for your overall health and well-being. While we offer...

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Boxing & Kickboxing

BOXING & KICKBOXING CLASSES If you’ve taken a look at all the services available here at Gym To You, then you’ll know that we offer amazing boxing and kickboxing classes in Adelaide. Want to know more about how this can help you get fitter, healthier and happier than...

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BOOTCAMP & OUTDOOR FITNESSGym To You offers a range of group fitness classes, and one of our most popular and effective options is our Adelaide boot camp class. Sometimes you need to shake up your workout routine and get out of your comfort zone once in awhile. If...

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All Areas Of Adelaide Including Southside, Westside, Eastside, Northside & selected country areas.

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