Using your own bodyweight is an extremely versatile and effective way of burning calories, building muscle and improving your fitness in general. With our innovative TRX training in Adelaide, we’ve found a simple way of getting in a great workout with minimal equipment, minimal hassle and maximum convenience. Don’t worry; we won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Read on to see how TRX training could be perfect for you.

Here at Gym To You, we’re proud to offer innovative suspension training as just one of our many personal training services. One of its main benefits is its versatility; it’s perfectly convenient for our trainers to come to you with our fully-stocked mobile gym, which includes a functional training rack. This allows you to perform a wide range of challenging, interesting exercises using the TRX equipment.

TRX training was invented by a Navy SEAL, who wanted an effective way of training while confined to small spaces with minimal equipment. The system relies on gravity, and your own bodyweight, to build strength and muscular endurance, whilst also being a great method of working the core. From press ups to lunges to rows, there are a huge number of options, and exercises can easily be made easier or harder depending on the age, experience and fitness level of the trainee.

Our hugely passionate and dedicated personal trainers have extensive experience using suspension training to get you into the best shape of your life! We’ll work closely with you to devise a workout plan that’s ideal for your requirements, that’s both challenging and enjoyable. It can be easy to lose motivation if you’re just doing the same couple of exercises over and over again, but with suspension training, there’s an almost infinite variety of options that ensure you’ll always be raring to go when it’s time to workout!