Why eat a good breakfast you may ask?

It reduces hunger throughout the day, helping  you make better food choices for all other meals and snacks. It also kickstarts your metabolism, helping you to burn more bodyfat consistently all day long ,thats what we want right?

What do we eat ?

I get asked this question on a regular basis, the looks i get when i answer it in this way are priceless, most people will say cereals, i believe its because of marketing. Over the years large corporations have bombarded us with advertising promoting packaged sugar laden products.

Remember breakfast is just another meal, but a very important one, so why is it so different? The truth is that is not. As with all other meals you should consume a good balance of good protein, good fats and low GI carbs.

When im asked by clients and i tell them this, the looks i get are priceless. I ask them why they are thinking of cereals first, generally they dont know, thats because its an ingrained thought pattern and most of the time, just a habitual behavior. You probably go straight to the cupboard and pull out the cereal box without even thinking, am i right?

Try and start off by having an omlette, its easy to make and tastes amazing. A couple of eggs, your choice of veggies and some good lean chicken/fish/or red meat, start small and over time increase the volume. Remember its always better to cook for yourself, you know exactly what your eating, and we all know that home cooked food just tastes yummier than processed packaged massed produced rubbish.

It may take time to feel “right”, i guarentee you, you wont look back and the results you get will be amazing.