At GYMTOYOU  mobile personal training we work with clients of various ages and fitness, strength levels. Im amazed at the lack of understanding when it comes to the importance of core strength. It is so crucial to how your body functions, that im sure our clients get sick and tired of us working on this area of there bodies, but as the training goes on they soon realise why we do so.

Just reflect for a moment and think about how our body is constructed. Essentially we´ve got four limbs and a trunk. At the centre of the trunk is the abdominal muscles and at the back our erector spinea, which are the two large muscles which run vertically along our spine all of which hold us upright and give us stability.

If our core muscles are weak our spine is unsupported and is expected to take all the load, hence alot of people suffer from lower back pain caused by the foundation (core) not being strong enough to  take that load.

With a strong core comes better posture (from being more upright) greater function of all major organs (from having more room to do their job) less stress on the spine (leading to no lower back problems) now im hoping your starting to get the picture.


It is a myth that the go to exercise the crunch, will create abs or more importantly core strength. It is important to replicate the bodies natural or neutral position, so extension exercises are the most effective.

It is important to start with low impact core exercises like the plank or lateral bridge and as your core strength improves dont rest on your laurels, you must increase the difficulty of the exercises.

At GYMTOYOU mobile personal training we can assist you with professional programming and the motivation and consistency in your training to alleviate all your back aches and pains, and create perfect posture and a rock hard foundation for your body.