How is your latest try going at getting healthy at the gym?

This time try and do something completely different.

Get a trainer and admit to yourself that they will be the difference between giving up and getting great results.

This is your list of responsibilities :

1. Get a coach/PT that you trust, listen to what they say and stick to the plan you develop together.

Do not try and do the exact opposite of what we have come up with.

2. I will look in the mirror and accept that im not as young as i physically  used to be.

3. Even if i go to the gym everyday of the week, i cant out train a crappy lifestyle

if i want massive changes, i have to make massive change, i will have to make big changes in every aspect of my life.

4. I will have good and bad days, any exercise is better than none.

5.The PT i have chosen isnt a miracle  worker, i will still have to do alot of hard work if i want to make changes to my mind and body.

I will be responsible for my own actions.

6.Most of the stuff i see  on social media is crap, i have a PT, trust him/her and your plan.

Dont believe in a magic cure, or supplement or exercise.

7.I wont lie to my PT about how much crap ive eaten and or drank.

My body will be a reflection of my lies, dont lie to myself  its not worth it.

To sum it all up, follow your professionals advice, and  follow the whole plan  as often as possible .

if you do the results will follow.