At GymtoYou, we love to see our clients get results.

As personal trainers we hear, “i cant c0me in today im in too much pain’,day in day out.

What is the pain barrier? Why do humans find it so hard to push through it? Its a complex, subjective phenomenon. One persons pain threshold  isnt necessarily the same as the next ones.

How do we tell the difference between pain and discomfort? To tell you the truth its almost impossible.

Sharp localised  pain is designed to motivate you to stear clear of working an injured  area  and protect the damaged part so it can heal. So why would a trainer continuously tell you too “push through the pain’ ?

To tell you the truth, without some discomfort, sweat, redness in the face  and heavy breathing  , results are going to be hard to come by, these reactions are the bodies way of telling your brain that it has to make metabolic changes, so next time you attempt the same exercise you will be stronger and more stable.

The discomfort you feel is actually D.O.M.S. or delayed onset muscle soreness. It  happens during and for approx 72 hrs after strenuous exercise, it is a good thing, without it results are going to be very hard to come by.

At GymtoYou our trainers main objective is to assist clients in working targeted muscle groups with good eccentric (resistance) phase form, hard, to produce micro tears, or D.O.M.S, and make muscles grow and get stronger. We also help with quality stretching and myofascial release, so you have lighter D.O.M.S and quicker recovery ,  you will be able to  workout on a more regular basis  which will lead to faster , better results.

The more muscle you have  the less body fat  you will hold.

                                                                    NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!!