1. Its taken a while for you to realise that training is like anything else in life, (but only more important because without your body functioning properly life sucks) you should hire a proffesional if you want to get results and want it done properly.

Listen and do what they ask you to do.

I NEED AN OPERATION, so you just go out buy a knife, read up about how to do it, then start cutting.

YER RIGHT! You”d  get a surgeon , it would be a whole lot safer , and maybe, just maybe, be  more successful. So why try and plod along by yourself, relying on the latest internet exercise workout plan, or just watching others in the gym who also don”t really know what they are doing.

2.You finally decide to get a trainer on board, but you still continue to do things the same way, in other words, you know best, and refuse to change bad habits.

3. You keep on making excuses, blame everyone including your trainer,  everything and everyone else.

You refuse to look in the mirror, hard  work doesn”t actually do anything, you must be different to every other human thats healthy.

4. Despite your trainer telling you that nutrition is 80% of any health/fitness regime you eat like you are 18 yrs old, and say…It must be my age or i”m just meant to be like this.

I guess what im saying is that health and fitness is actually easy,  choose a good trainer,  do what they ask you to do and you will find that it is actually simple.

As a trainer the hard part is to get clients to listen, change their thought patterns and habits, when you get clients to achieve these three things the results are nothing short of amazing.