As Personal Trainers, we love this time of year.


It provides us with an influx of new clients that have told themselves, before the christmas  break, that they are going to be good next year ” IM GOING TO CUT BACK ON ALL THE THINGS THAT I KNOW I SHOULDN”T EAT, DO MORE EXERCISE AND CUT BACK ON MY ALCOHOL INTAKE”

All good i say, over and over again.

Whilst in my head im saying” not another attempt”, that will end up being broken probably after the first day! Wev”e all been there RIGHT!!

What happens in reality is a very different story.

We treat clients differently.

Self control is usually so hard that our subconscious mind takes over, we try hard,  but it only takes one small distraction and bam, we break down. Leading to even worse negative thought patterns.

This only leads to us believing that , maybe its too hard, or as ive heard so often, the blame game starts.

Remember, we are the only ones that can control our cravings and our thoughts.

So how can we reverse that trend?

At GymtoYou mobile Personal Training, we realise that mindset is the most important thing.

We talk to our clients about the past attempts at getting healthier, and by offering lots of small achievable tips and goals, we help create specific,  positive thought patterns.

We create actions, that will lead to positive reactions.

Offer accountability to you and us to create lasting change.

So if youv”e told ourself that 2017 is going to be your  year, take what will be the best move youve ever taken , TAKE A POSITIVE ACTION and give us a call. NOW!!!